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 Best Western Hotel Antoniushof | Unterer Marktplatz 12 | D-94513 Schönberg b. Grafenau

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Schönberg-Bayerischer Wald

Wetter - aktuell

Kinderfreies Hotel - Best Western Hotel Antoniushof




  • Eine Woche Urlaub - das Schnäppchen

     7 Nächte

    7 Nächte bleiben - 5 zahlen +  Verwöhn-Halbpension!

    frau pool

    Das Schnäppchen mit sieben Nächte Hotelurlaub und nur fünf zahlen.

    Inklusive der Verwöhn-Halbpension und allen Verwöhn-Leistungen im Antoniushof.

    je Pers. im DZ


    7 Nächte ab € 434,00  

    Preise und Leistungen ansehen

Best Western


3 Nächte bleiben - 2 zahlen

w g frhlingswiese paar

3 = 2  oder  4 = 3  

3 Nächte ab € 114,-- inklusive

3 x Übernachten
3 x Frühstückbuffet
freie Nutzung Spa-Bereich
je Person im Doppelzimmer

Anrufen 08554 944 989 0

Mail einfach fragen


mehr Schnäppchen

Golf in Schönberg

Play Golf and sleep in the Best Western Hotel Antoniushof

The "Golf Club at the national park" is embossed of ethic landscapes and combined with the first national park of Germany. It is located in the middle of one of the most popular EU – recreation centres. Everyone, who is looking for tranquillity and relaxation will acquire a taste of it. We offer everybody who is interested trial courses all trough the season. Michael Westall, our golf pro, will take care of you and show you all basic principles. Enjoy the charming atmosphere of our young golf club with the special touch. Be part of the interaction of golf and nature. You will be bewitched of the 90 hectare playground, which are possibly unique in the world.

hotel antoniushof schoenberg arrangement 09  03 golfclubamnationalpark

The Hotel Antoniushof is an official member of the Golf Club at the nationalpark.
  • Enjoy our "Greenfee reduction" of 25%
  • Golf - Training Days
  • Get your golf handicap in one week
  • Greenfee Reduction 25%

 Golf at the "Danube - Inn Region" and the Bavarian Forest are standing for wild nature, adventure and relaxation.

At the radius of about 50 km we do have 12 Golf Clubs and Links. That means short waiting periods, a relaxing game and a hugh variety of challenges. We would like to give you a short overview...

Golfclub am Nationalpark

Distance from the hotel: 9,1 km


Deggendorfer Golfclub e.V.

Distance from the hotel: 19,1 km


Golf- und Landclub Bayerwald e.V. - Waldkirchen

Distance from the hotel25,3 km


Golf- und Landclub Bayerwald e.V. - Poppenreuth

Distance from the hotel: 25,9 km


Donau Golf Club Passau-Rassbach e.V.

Distance from the hotel: 30,1 km


Thermengolfclub - Bad Füssing

Distance from the hotel: 34,7 km


Golfclub Sagmühle

Distance from the hotel: 48,4 km


Golfpark Bella Vista

Distance from the hotel: 49,3 km


Celtic Golf Course - Schärding

Distance from the hotel: 52,2 km


Rottaler Golf- & Country Club

Distance from the hotel: 58,5 km


Golfclub Altötting-Burghausen e.V. - Falkenhof

Distance from the hotel:74,3 km


Golfclub Maria Theresia

Distance from the hotel:77,0 km


Golfclub Sonnberg-Kobernausserwald

Distance from the hotel: 78,2 km


Golfclub Altötting-Burghausen e.V. - Schloß Piesing

Distance from the hotel: 78,5 km


Golfclub Innviertel - Gut Kaltenhausen

Distance from the hotel: 81,1 km


Golfclub Gäuboden e.V.

Distance from the hotel: 122,4 km


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